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Ever think of of getting a cleaning service and wondering about house cleaning prices in Chicago? Don’t know if this is all worth it? For instance, you can find low prices online, however it’s hard to get a quote without going through form to be filled out. In addition you are not sure of the quality of the service.
Worry no more! In this blog I will give you some ideas of how much it would cost to book for deep cleaning in the Chicago Area. First, I have compiled prices from the top search online for house cleaning services.

There are many cleaning companies that you can find in just one search online. I did that for you!

Here are the top five cleaning companies that I found online that might come on your radar.
Secondly, These are the prices for one bedroom & one bathroom deep cleaning as well as three bedroom, two bathroom home for more ideas.


Price Breakdown

Companion Maids $186.15
GloClean $180
King of Maids $159
House Keep Up $149
Cleaning Dash $121

If you also want to know how much is three bedroom, two bathrooms without a basement for deep cleaning. Here is the list I complied.

Companion Maids $324
GloClean $350
King of Maids $209
House Keep Up $249
Cleaning Dash $161

Check out our cool graphic as well:

House Cleaning Prices Chicago


In conclusion, now that you have the idea of how much it cost to get your house deep cleaned in the Chicago area.
Aren’t you curious about what’s included in the package?

I checked each website and only House Keep Up made it an easy, clear, and concise checklist of what’s included in the standard and deep cleaning services.
Suppose you want to know what your money’s worth. Check out our website where you can quickly get a quote in less than 60 seconds and not only that. Furthermore by just clicking the “services” option in the menu, you can view checklist of our services in just a snap of a finger!
Have a look at House Keep Up website for more info!

If you’d like you can also download our house cleaning price list in pdf form here!

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