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House Keep Up was founded in Chicago, IL after seeing local cleaners near me not pushing forward with technology. Owner decided to seek a stable model that mainly focuses on utilizing technology to allow easier booking and better cleaning. 

We utilize online booking to ease communication between us you and the cleaners. We guarantee our services due to personal vetting and utilizing feedback system to listen to our customers.

All of above is possible because of our great cleaners. We are proud to provide them with fair compensation for their work and 100% of their tips belongs to them. Most of our technicians remain with company and work independently to improve on an ongoing basis. 

House Keep Up seeks to become more popular and want to offer housekeeping services in as many ares as possible.

To schedule a cleaning, click here and you will be taken to our booking page.


See What Our Customers Who Got Their Houses Cleaned Are Saying

“We recently had a deep cleaning and then started bi-monthly cleanings. So far the service and quality of the work has been great! I live in Hyde Park and it is sometimes hard to find businesses online who provide service on the South Side. I am very happy to have found House Keep Up and very happy with their service so far. I hope other south-siders sign up so they can grow their business here.”

~Myra H, Homeowner

“My apartment was a mess because of renovations happening in apartments on my floor (dust everywhere and just plain messy). Sandra did an amazing job with the deep clean. She even did the dishes and folded clothes for me. I’m picky and she asked me if there was anything that she’d missed and there was nothing that I could find. She took the trash out, organized my things and was very friendly. She was on time and spent over 3 hours (despite being told two by Wes). I’m a happy customer and I definitely look forward to making this a more permanent arrangement. I’ve not had such a good experience with cleaning companies before and would highly recommend House Keep-Up.”

~Shantanu R, Homeowner

“Jennifer’s team was wonderful. Everything was cleaned quickly. They even did the dishes and made the bed which I had told them wasn’t necessary.”

~Kara D, Homeowner

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